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Design Miami District Opens Okay Move!

Two nights earlier, on December 1st, we had the privilege come to be invited by our friends at -cheap handbags to the opening of this years Style Miami Vernissage inside the Miami Style District.

Style Miami/ Opening

With the next consecutive year, Fendi co-sponsors the events that will feature a selection of Limited Edition unique reseller environments, art installations as well as the worlds most influential design present Style Miami/.

Fendi Limited Edition Needle Point Stitch Kit, by Silvia Fendi

Fendi served seeing as anchor tenant at the F Factory, situated inside the historic Moore Developing, and also impressed with a industrial display of its latest restricted edition accessories, such as the debut of its restricted edition design Needle Point Stitch Kit, developed by Silvia Venturini Fendi. Every basic fabric baguette has guideline drawings and also line (in a variety of colors), allowing the customer to customize and also stitch her own bag.

Fendi - Gibson Guitar for OK Go

Fendi - Gibson Guitar for OK Go Fendi - Gibson Guitar for OK Go Fendi - Gibson Guitar for OK Go -handbags on sale - Gibson Guitar for OK Go Fendi - Gibson Guitar for OK Go

Additionally to the bags, Fendi besides that presented a very special edition of funky, fuzzy, glitzy, and also sparkling guitars. We learned that these are already specially created to the Youtube-Smashhit-Band and also were going come to be utilized on the coming tour.

In addition paying close consideration to the display, we had the pleasure to mix with several execs at Fendi, such as Silvia Fendi, who represents the next generation of the household founder of the historical maison.

The entertainment was delivered by C you guessed it C OK Go. The chaps rocked out with their custom Fendi/Gibson guitars and also gave a reside laser-enhanced efficiency of their most common hit singles. You can catch a clip of the efficiency on Youtube, courtesy of Awesome Shopping.

Style Miami is ongoing till the 5th of December, if you are inside the South Florida location, I extremely recommend you investigate it out.

Several a lot more photographs of the event beneath, take pleasure in!

Fendi Custom BicycleFendi Custom Bicycle Seat.

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